Many lament their own unfulfilled dream to embark on an epic journey. Join me then and ride along vicariously as we explore the world together.

This journal is neither a traditional diary nor a neotraditional weblog. Too many people’s travel sites bore us with chronicles of inane daily chores and blow-by-blow accounts of their every move. Instead, I will stick to posting
tales of significant events, musings or observations--giving you a sense of place and feel for interesting situations--not a mundane recitation of what I ate for lunch.
If you are in need of a how-to manual about traveling, packing, motorcycling or camping, you need to look elsewhere. You’ll find no list of what to take or how to pack it here. Nor will you find details on the myriad ways in which to modify a motorbike for long-distance travel.

Why? Two reasons. First, everyone’s needs differ, so what works for me probably won’t work for you. And second, it’s simply
not about the stuff. Real adventure travel depends less upon what you take--than upon what you're willing to leave behind.
Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing. --Helen Keller
Similarly, this account is in no way meant to act as any sort of guidebook. Guides merely insure that you'll successfully repeat what everyone else has already done. No thanks. Only when you scrap the list of places-to-see are you really free to explore.
Finally, I prefer to ride solo with minimal backup. I carry no cell phone, no satellite phone, no Spot or GPS*, and no detailed guidebooks--typical tools modern travelers use to keep from getting lonely or lost. I find a certain joy in pulling the plug, going offline, and getting to know people face-to-face.

Without cell or satellite uplink,
Journal entries are posted from public Internet portals intermittently available along the route; please be patient.

Feedback is welcome, so be sure to join in as you follow along.
*Since May 2010--after logging some 60,000 miles--I begrudgingly started using GPS to geotag my photos. The sheer volume of photos I shoot necessitated a better filing system.
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A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. --Lao Tzu
The web site was specifically designed for easy expansion and fast uploading of text and photographs while traveling in remote places. Many locales lack fast Internet connection speeds, so long, photo-laden pages, Flash animation, and high-quality audio files were intentionally avoided. Ease of use, clear navigation, and an uncluttered look and feel were considered paramount--I especially hope you appreciate the lack of distracting ads!

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The photographs featured here are but a few of thousands shot. To see a much more extensive collection--and I saved the best for last--order the Journey So Far
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