Continental Divide Ride

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I saddled up El Viento again to ride the Divide from Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado down to the Mexican Border through the entirety of New Mexico. Fall colors and blue skies were punctuated by heavy storms, which I wisely sat out. This section served up a nice preview of what the Divide has to offer; I hope to ride the whole enchilada from Canada to Mexico in 2018.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

In light of an attempt by armed extremists to take over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in early 2016, I decided to head off to this remote part of Oregon to affirm why keeping public lands in public hands is so vitally important. It was plain to see. Teaming with wildlife, especially migratory birds, ol' Teddy Roosevelt understood what a few whack jobs could not—this place is special—and deserves to be preserved in perpetuity.

Wide Open Spaces

The vast prairies of central North America are highly under-rated. Sure, everyone loves to admire a picturesque coastline or the soaring Rocky Mountains or red-rock deserts, but there's an equally alluring quality to the sea of grasses and flowers that stretch across the horizons of eastern Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. This journey led me into the land of the iconic American bison, where I gained a glimpse of how the plains must have looked before European colonization.