Welcome Back to Thailand

For those wondering if my preparations were fruitful, I’ve been back in Thailand for the past month. Journal updates will be forthcoming, but slowly, since I’m concentrating on photography. I arrived this time with a whole new camera set-up that thus far is proving to be a blessing and a curse. Image quality and low-light-shooting capacity are greatly improved--but it’s substantially heavier and bulkier.

Preparing to depart for SE Asia, part II

I’ll be heading back to SE Asia on November 4th to spend at least three more months roaming the countryside on Pegasus. Stay tuned.

Still catching up on stories from SE Asia

More pictures have been added to the Photo Galleries for Southeast Asia; click on the camera in the top, right-hand corner of each country’s EXPLORE page.

Three new essays from Laos:
OFF IN LAO-LAO LAND, MAN BITES DOG, and THE SECRET WAR have just been posted to the JOURNAL. I’ll soon be adding a post from Cambodia.


After traveling cross-country to attend the NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) conference in Jacksonville, I’ll head south to revisit Florida’s incomparable Everglades National Park.

Journeysofar website is now iPad compatible

I’ve spent some time upgrading the Journeysofar website to make it more responsive to viewing on Apple’s iPad. It’s still not perfect, but it’s far better than it was. Because I don’t earn anything from publishing this site (many sites make their money through display advertisements), I’m limited on how much time I can justifiably devote to making it render properly on all of the various mobile platforms. So, like I’ve said before, the site was designed to be viewed on a 13-inch computer screen, or at least in landscape mode on the 9+ inch iPad; narrower devises such as iPhones will not render these pages correctly.