Continental Divide Ride

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I saddled up El Viento again to ride the Divide from Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado down to the Mexican Border through the entirety of New Mexico. Fall colors and blue skies were punctuated by heavy storms, which I wisely sat out. This section served up a nice preview of what the Divide has to offer; I hope to ride the whole enchilada from Canada to Mexico in 2018.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

In light of an attempt by armed extremists to take over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in early 2016, I decided to head off to this remote part of Oregon to affirm why keeping public lands in public hands is so vitally important. It was plain to see. Teaming with wildlife, especially migratory birds, ol' Teddy Roosevelt understood what a few whack jobs could not—this place is special—and deserves to be preserved in perpetuity.

Wide Open Spaces

The vast prairies of central North America are highly under-rated. Sure, everyone loves to admire a picturesque coastline or the soaring Rocky Mountains or red-rock deserts, but there's an equally alluring quality to the sea of grasses and flowers that stretch across the horizons of eastern Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. This journey led me into the land of the iconic American bison, where I gained a glimpse of how the plains must have looked before European colonization.

America's Child

Alaska, our youngest state, keeps calling. This trip required 46 days, 8,582 road miles (many additional nautical miles on 5 ferries), and crossed 6 states and 3 provinces of Canada.

Everglades, the sequel

One trip to the Everglades is not enough, so this time I spent 44 days, traveling 8325 miles across 19 states, to dig a little deeper into the mother-of-all swamps. I’ll try to post some photos from what was another fantastic voyage full of exotic birds and reptiles.

Back home in Colorado

I’ve returned once again to my home in Colorado after another 4-month trek across Thailand and Laos. Soon you’ll be able to read new JOURNAL posts and view new photos on the EXPLORE pages by clicking on each country’s camera image.

Welcome Back to Thailand

For those wondering if my preparations were fruitful, I’ve been back in Thailand for the past month. Journal updates will be forthcoming, but slowly, since I’m concentrating on photography. I arrived this time with a whole new camera set-up that thus far is proving to be a blessing and a curse. Image quality and low-light-shooting capacity are greatly improved--but it’s substantially heavier and bulkier.

Preparing to depart for SE Asia, part II

I’ll be heading back to SE Asia on November 4th to spend at least three more months roaming the countryside on Pegasus. Stay tuned.

Still catching up on stories from SE Asia

More pictures have been added to the Photo Galleries for Southeast Asia; click on the camera in the top, right-hand corner of each country’s EXPLORE page.

Three new essays from Laos:
OFF IN LAO-LAO LAND, MAN BITES DOG, and THE SECRET WAR have just been posted to the JOURNAL. I’ll soon be adding a post from Cambodia.


After traveling cross-country to attend the NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) conference in Jacksonville, I’ll head south to revisit Florida’s incomparable Everglades National Park.

Journeysofar website is now iPad compatible

I’ve spent some time upgrading the Journeysofar website to make it more responsive to viewing on Apple’s iPad. It’s still not perfect, but it’s far better than it was. Because I don’t earn anything from publishing this site (many sites make their money through display advertisements), I’m limited on how much time I can justifiably devote to making it render properly on all of the various mobile platforms. So, like I’ve said before, the site was designed to be viewed on a 13-inch computer screen, or at least in landscape mode on the 9+ inch iPad; narrower devises such as iPhones will not render these pages correctly.

Henry Mountains

The remote Henry Mountains of south-central Utah were the last-to-be-explored mountain range in the Lower 48 states. Join Jeremiah and El Viento on another exciting solo autumn ride where the last herd of free-ranging bison still roam.

Back from SE Asia

I’ve returned to Colorado following my almost 4-month trek across Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. You can read new JOURNAL posts and view photos on the EXPLORE pages by clicking on each country’s camera image.

Flooding in Thailand

Flying into Bangkok last night, I can attest to the fact that much of the country of Thailand is under water from unusually heavy monsoon rains. The devastation is widespread and understated by the media. It looks to me like it will take months to dry out what appears to be a lake stretching as far as the eye can see, even from 20,000 feet. The cost to the economy and worldwide delivery of parts for everything from computers to cars to cameras will be enormous. The Thai Red Cross Society welcomes your donation to help the flood victims.

Off to explore Southeast Asia

Care to explore southeastern Asia for 4 months? Then tag along with Jeremiah as he heads off into this fascinating part of the world, solo, on a smaller, 250cc motorbike.

Moab to Buena Vista

Belgian-native Jan Marc once again joins Jeremiah as they go off-road through the redrock canyons of Moab, Utah to the high alpine Rocky Mountains of Buena Vista, Colorado. Along the way they meet up with old friends Uwe Krauss from Germany and Eric Sargent from Albuquerque, NM. Dual-sport barbecue’s never smelled so good!

Trinity Site

For just a few hours each year the United States Air Force allows visitors into what was once the nation’s most top-secret spot: the Trinity Site. Jeremiah and El Viento head out on their first ride of 2011 to find out what makes this place unique--and horrifying.

Journal updated with three new stories

The JOURNAL is now up to date through last autumn’s Sands of Time excursion, with today’s addition of The Pollinator, To Hell and Back Part 2, and Tarantula Xing! More posts will be added as the journey continues and time allows. Your feedback is encouraged.

New website goes live!

Jeremiah and El Viento have spent a lot of time on the road since returning to the USA from Brazil in May 2007, but haven’t had a chance to update the website--until now.

The all-new has completely revamped the original mytripjournal/jeremiahsjourney website: There’s a whole new look and feel with easier navigation and more geographical information and maps; ALL of the Journal Posts have been revised and expanded (so returning visitors should reread titles they’re already familiar with); there are several new Journal Posts with more on the way; and there are now easy ways for you to contribute.

This project has been a huge personal undertaking, but will facilitate more frequent updates as the Journey continues. Please enjoy exploring the new site and be sure to offer your

Don’t forget to forward the address to your interested family and friends--thank you!

Southeast Asia leg taking shape

Preparations are underway to depart for southeast Asia in November 2011 to explore Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. As more details come into focus, they’ll be posted here.

Sands of Time

Exploring and photographing two of North America’s most unique geophysical features: The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado and White Sands of New Mexico, USA.

North to Alaska (again)

This time, the 2-month-plus trek back up to Alaska from Colorado will cross Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington. From Bellingham, El Viento will ride the ferry up the Inside Passage Waterway to disembark in Haines. After exploring the northernmost state more extensively, we’ll track back down through the stunning Canadian Rockies.

Upper Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Solo tour of the upper Sonoran Desert in Arizona before winter strikes.

Colorado Plateau, off-road

Jan Marc from Thailand joins Jeremiah on an all-off-road grand tour of the peaks and canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Canadian Rockies

North from Colorado to Jasper, Alberta and back down the spine of the great Rocky Mountains.

Costa Rica

Jeremiah joins his friend Eric in Costa Rica for a month-long motorcycle tour around one of Central America’s most beautiful countries.

Universalist Unitarian Church

Journey So Far presentation, emphasizing the roll of media in shaping our society, will be held during Sunday service. Everyone is welcome. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango, 419 San Juan Durango, CO. Service starts at 10:00AM

Colorado Plateau, dual-sport

Eric Sargent joins Jeremiah for a spectacular tour of the high mountains and red-rock canyons of the Four Corners area of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Rotary Club Meeting

Journey So Far presentation at the historic Strater Hotel, 699 Main Ave Durango, CO. Meeting convenes at 6:00PM.

Iditarod Dog Sled Race

Off to Alaska to assist in filming the Iditarod Dog Sled race from Anchorage to Nome for the Discovery Channel.

Deep Utah

Solo-ride penetrating Utah’s canyon country.

Alaska to Argentina and beyond

Solo from Durango, Colorado north to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska then south to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and north again to Brazil, before riding back to Durango on May 18, 2007.

Mexico's Copper Canyon

Riding deep into the incomparable Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) in Mexico’s Chihuahua state with good friends Arturo Macias and Ken Madden. This will be a shakedown ride to test El Viento and equipment before departing for Alaska in June.