Durango Colorado, United States 17 Sep 05
Odometer 8,620 m 13,873 km

Since departing Prudhoe Bay on July 2nd, El Viento and I have traveled 5,167 miles (8,316 kilometers) on the return to Durango, Colorado. Without a doubt, the route through Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado was spectacular. So much so that if the journey had to end here and now, I would be satisfied with my accomplishment. But the amazing scenery, roadside geology, wildlife, towns and people that I've seen and met along the way only reinforce my desire to push on to Central and South America.
changing tires
I'll spend the next couple of weeks sorting through my gear, performing motorcycle maintenance, taking care of personal business and evaluating my strategy for the next leg of the journey. Principally, I need to rethink my timeline. The first leg from Prudhoe Bay to Durango was inspiring, but felt much too rushed. Many times I passed by a promising dirt road heading off towards the horizon. Other times I snapped a photo in haste thinking that I'd have more time to look at the picture later. I've had far too little time to simply sit and ponder--and write. Indeed, the Zen time I was looking for in this trip has been in very short supply.
So, I’m reconsidering all of my options with regards to pushing south. Other than creating a schedule to avoid the hurricane season in Central America and winter in Patagonia, I want to allocate more time to simply wandering about. Flexibility is key.

This may require leaving the bike at some point, flying home to take care of business, and resuming afterwards--I don't know. Regardless, I need to know that there is no terminal deadline to meet, as I've spent the past 23 years living from one deadline to the next. Without that knowledge, much of the Journey's purpose is lost.

I want to thank everyone who has been following my Pan-American Odyssey over the course of its first leg and emailing me along the way. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. I shall return to the saddle during the first week of October when I head to Mexico. In the meantime, anyone who wants to help me change my tires is welcome to come join in the fun!

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