New El Viento

I was just showing your blog to my boyfriend and I realize you are in South East Asia: very nice !! And with a new, lighter machine :) I really enjoy reading your blog, it is different from the regular stuff we can see around. Enjoy this part of the world and MAKE US DREEEEAAAAAAMMMMMM. --Anne G

Bent Rim in Panama

I just found your website. It looks great and I´ll have to catch up on all of it when I get a chance. I'm currently traveling around the Americas on a motorcycle and bent my rim in Nicaragua. I'm in Panama right now and will be in or near the city from Christmas to Jan 2nd when I sail to Cartagena. Do you remember where you got your rim fixed in Panama? I'm trying to find a shop right now. --Duncan S

Meaning of Life

I'm glad, as always, to hear that you are truly happy with the life we have NOW. And, brother, I sure don't see your website as a travel blog - more of a mission to live life to its fullest and I commend you for having the energy, courage and decency to share that in a way that might help others see that this life is meant to be lived to its fullest. (not to mention the fascination factor of seeing other cultures and places through your spectacular photos and heart felt words) Thanks for sharing that with me. --Jimmy T

Your continuing journey...

Just looking through some old emails today and took a moment to look at your website - just in time to see you are leaving for Asia today. Good to see you are still on the road. Take care, ride safe, and keep in touch. --Michael C

New website, from Colorado

I really enjoyed looking over your website. It is really thoughtfully put together and so well articulated. I can't wait to see updates from SE Asia. --Brett K

New website, from New Mexico

Hello Jeremiah! This is Daniel, we met on your way back home from South America at a gas station...i was in a rock band.  I believe we ran into each other in New Mexico. Hope all is going great and the new site looks amazing! --Daniel G

New website, from Pennsylvania

Ive been checking up on your website and the improvements you made are amazing, its looking really good. --Colin B

New website, from California

I just started reading through your website. You have done a remarkable job. I've only looked at a few of the journal entries and I have to commend you. They are well thought-out and written. In the days and nights ahead I'm going to read through them all. --Dan G


The photography is stunning and the text captivating. You sure know how to capture the essence of your travel experiences. Have you thought of being a photographer for National Geographic? Keep the adventures coming. --Joel A

New website, from Guatemala

I did the thorough cruz of your site. did an amazing job with it.  It is top notch. --Tucker W

New website, from Alaska

Man - your web site is sweet. Are you planning on self publishing your book? Looking forward to it. --Jimmy T

New website, from Panama

Sorry to take so long to give you feedback on your amazing Journey site. Lisa and I have been spending time enjoying it. You are a true Philosophical Adventurer. We very much admire the site and the obvious time and talent that went into it. We look forward to new chapters in the future. Are there any plans to do a book? --Smitty H

New website, from Maryland

Congratulations on the new web page. I've read some of the narratives and enjoyed your comments about your adventures. --Charlie S

Revised website

Your revised website looks fantastic. I sampled a few of the new stories, and really enjoyed them. You really do have quite a talent as a storyteller. --Randy R

New website, from Germany

I have to admit that you put a lot!!! of effort into this site. I especially like the design of the travelog page and what you had to say. I'm really curious about the way that project is going, especially the presentations. --Uwe K