Possible trip presentations for Durango Libraries

Hi Jeremiah! I recall your fantastic motorcycle trip and wonder if you've a public presentation that might work for a children's audience. Our summer program theme is "One World: Many Stories" for which world travel, diverse cultures and people would be a great fit. What do you think? and where are you living now? It'd be great to hear from you. I work at Sunnyside Branch. Hope to hear from you soon! --Rusty L

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Jeremiah, I hate to keep bugging you but I have to mention that the photo you took in the Peruvian Sechura Desert of the situation on the highway is one of the most compelling I have ever seen. For me, it ranks right up there with the famous Viet Nam era assassination picture. --Steve M

Bikes and mud

Jeremiah, While reviewing your Journeysofar website, pictures, and narrative; I observed that you rode in quite a few muddy and/or sandy conditions. In fact, your friend broke his leg on a muddy street.

What is your strategy/technique for riding in these conditions? Do you go fast like the dirt/desert guys in order to float over the top or go slower in order to survive the inevitable fall? I would think that riding solo puts a whole new emphasis on riding safely. I would also think that your riding strategy would play a big part in the bike you choose. The guys coming from the off-road environment tend to want to ride fast, whereas the asphalt guys appear a little timid.

George and I have had the discussion about riding the big GS bikes in sub optimal conditions many times. Both of us have hip implants so the wrong fall would hurt like hell, yet one does like to ride with a little dignity. Thanks. --Steve M

Presentation to Kiwanis Club of the Narrow Gauge

Jeremiah--I followed your journey through the Herald and enjoyed the trip very much. My Kiwanis Club has been quite boring for a while and this morning we decided to invite guest speakers who have done something interesting in their lives. We would enjoy a visit from you and learn about your trip. --Gary K

Eat, Pray, Love

I see your story turning into a movie. Your's could be the male version of "EAT PRAY LOVE". I was jealous of one year! I am Really jealous of your two year adventure! Let me know when your new site is up. --Sherry T

Durango Presentation

Hey Jeremiah, WOW! What a "real" adventure! I'm a Geography Teacher at Bayfield H.S. just outside of Durango and just now came across an article that the Durango Herald newspaper ran about your great escape from Brazil. I was intrigued so I got on this website and am very excited to have my students experience this!I was wondering what the plan is for on your presentation in Durango? I hope we didn't already miss it! Let me know. Thanks. --Jeff L