Traveling tips

Hello, I was keeping up on your travels and of course i was jealous the entire time. I'm also a long distance rider, and have been to most places in the US, Canada and Alaska and every place in between. But i'm starting to plan a run from Prudhue Bay to Panama in about 2-3 years. I would love to go earlier, but i already have trips planned for the next year or two, and i still need to get freshened up of my Spanish. So what i wanted to know, if you had any tips for traveling through Mexico and the Southern countries on the way to Panama? Like what to expect crossing the borders, or any problems that may arise that you encountered, or just anything else you wish you knew before you went? Thanks for any info and safe journey's. --Steven B

Your trip

Hai, It is so fabulous to hear about your trip and you. I was there when you gave your speech in the Rotary club In Durango. It was really impressive. The way you started it and the way you went through this whole process it is just awesome.I am an exchange student with rotary from India. I know that how going to a different country by your own and speaking with different people really opens your mind and gives a new way of thinking about your life. Good luck!! --Shailendra P

Your program at Rotary tonight

Jeremiah, Thanks for coming. I'm the man who asked after the meeting why you chose the BMW bike. You have an outstanding website I will be linking to fellow travel friends. Good job! Usually are speakers predictable but you we're not, thanks for the escape. --Jim

Travel journal translation

I come from beijing of China,and love to write traveljournals,at the same time like yo read good journals from abroad,today I surfed into your travel blog, and your story fascinated immediately. I have one request, if I could donwnload and translate your excellent articles into Chinese and introduce it to chinese people.Certainly I will cite your name at the beginning. I will be honoured if you allow me to do like that. Yours Faithfully --Zhanghong

Awesome trip!

Hi Jeremiah, I enjoyed talking to you a while back when I returned your tractor to you. I have also been fascinated with you journey through the Americas, what an amassing experience it must have been. I hope your trip to Alaska went well, and the filming was successful. Regards --John F

Journey So Far

I just finished reading about your trip. I really enjoyed it. --Brock A