Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas Jeremiah, I hope all is well with you. Man are you having a trip or what - I mean - the Salar de Uyuni, the mummy, the flamingos - I mean everything just seems so darn cool & interesting- mind blowing really. Your photos are spectacular and thanks Miah, once again, thanks so much for taking the time to share. I've always loved your style of writing since our Fort Lewis days and by God age has even made you better. Hopefully you are having a nice Christmas. We send you good thoughts of peace, friendship, health and love. And by all means Have a Happy New Year! Safe Travels Mi Amigo. --Jimmy T

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas Miah!!! May 2007 be full of peace, joy, new adventures and safe travels... Wish I was there. --Tim D


Not to worry about updates....whatever you write, it is worth waiting for. It feels like I am making this adventure vicariously...bueno fortuna mi amigo. --Ken L

Greetings from Alaska

Yo Brudda Miah, Just checked out the progress of your continued adventure - sounds like true adventure to me! Tough mechanical problems solved, sneaky border crossings perfected, language barriers dealt with, miles and miles of uncharted territory traversed and you still find time to share it all - pretty cool Jeremiah! Well - just wanted to stay in touch - may the rest of your Pan- American journey go well - I'll keep tuned. Friends for life - Jimmy


Hi to the crazy gingo! why didn't you dye your hair black? you are very obvious, blondie! can't wait to tell Bob you're OK and on your way. he's been asking if i've checked in with you. we continue to pray for safe travel for the C.G. and look forward to the future book that will surely follow, much love, Judy C


Hola Jeremiah...Soy Roberto y vivo en Paraguay en la ciudad de Santa Rita a mas o menos 70 km de Ciudad del Este frontera con Foz de Yguazu Brasil...Pertenezco al NOMADAS Moto Club de Ciudad del Este con quien tuviste contaco para pasar a Paraguay (Julio y Raul) ...Pena que no tuve la oportunidad de contactar contigo cundo pasaste por aqui...te comento que tengo el mismo sueño que estas realizando ahora ...a principio quiero hacer mi primer viaje a USHUAIA que no queda muy lejos de aqui y luego subir al extremo norte del continente ...talvez pase a visitarte cundo pase por EEUU tengo idea cunto tiempo me lleve para realizar esta aventura pero quiero hacerlo ...bueno deceo que te vaya todo bien en tus viajes ....BUENA SUERTE. --Roberto C

View from the back seat

WoW, the view from the back seat gets kind of hairy sometimes....with freedom so close and yet so far. We're so glad you brought the gang along to help get us safely to Paraguay. You've still got a long way to go so try not to wear out your guardian angel before you get to the US border. We're with you all the way! --Peg H

Fantastic journey

Jeremiah, your journey becomes more fantastic with every mile, border, and of course, bridge, crossed! What fun for us in the far off reaches of simple Colorado, to read of your adventures. The hassles you have experienced with the rebuild of the bike, especially the shock unit, and the everpresent mold is enough to make spoil anyones day. Then the added peril of the border crossing. Do you remember months ago in an e-mail i senyt you, that I had read about the "Turtle Expedition" via pickup/camper years ago across S America and that its participants had labeled the border guards as "Amoebas". They always made you sick at your stomach and they never really looked different from border to border...kind of amorphous. Your words on returning to Durango this summer were very insightful...we are very lucky to have so much here...and so very wasteful (and that last remark comes from someoene who lives on solar power). All the best mi amigo. --Dick S

Down time

Ola Jeremiah, Hang in there my friend, (I have been following your trip, its almost if I knew you). Everything happens for a reason. If haver come to New Jersey, or help in portuguese let me know. --Eusebio P

Love the site

Just a note of encouragement and admiration. I love the site. Your trip is inspiration for what I hope will be a trip of my own in the next 2-3 years. Good luck with the shock. Shayne D

Beginning the second leg

Harry and I were delighted to see that you will soon be returning to your trusty steed for further adventures. We look forward to reading along with your travel updates. As before, we wish you well and hope the journey continues to provide new experiences and a better understanding of your place (actually all our places) on this Earth. We hope your bike holds up well and that the replacement parts are available when you need them. be careful. --Peg
& Harry H

No Place Like Home & other stuff

I enjoyed your No Place Like Home posting and agree with you. When I was in the Navy I visited Spain, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. One needs to see how others live in order to appreciate what they have back here in the US. I guess by now you're getting ready to resume your Odyssey or are already on the road? I may be making a move myself - back to MD, a company up there is flying me in for an interview. --Rob S

Americas via motorcycle

I enjoyed the whole spiel but i especially enjoyed the reflections. Too often motorcycle travelers manage to come across as yahoos, thoughtless and not that sensitive to their surroundings. I enioyed not reading the minutiae of travel and preferred the big picture. I have found, in travels of my own, that being of the first world and seeing the third world enables one to go home and try to find a balance. Its not hypocritical- its growth, and growing is the essence of life. too bad you had to wait so long to fulfill your ambition. --Michael C


I have enjoyed following your trip. I do have a comment for you about your last special to the Herald. I found irony in the fact that you lament the excesses that we in the U.S. have been guilty of, yet you have been able to take off from working for 10 months to travel while maintaining a home in Durango. I wonder how many people you came into contact with thought of you as a rich American adventurer. I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip. --Duane

Thanks for your comments, Duane.

The irony was intended. I am indeed a product of this society, for better or worse, and stick out like a sore thumb when I travel in the developing world. Although I've worked very hard to achieve this time off and the money it took to finance it (I'm sponsored by no one and earn peanuts for each Herald article I write), I'm painfully aware that my
watch cost more than many people's houses (and it's a Casio, not a Rolex)!

I've received more feedback from
No Place Like Home than any other article I've written. People have said things like: "It made me think; It needed to be said; It was long overdue," but I wonder if they really understand what I was trying to say.

Yes, we live in the land of plenty and for that we should be grateful, but perhaps it's time to purposefully scale back our lavish lifestyles so that the world's resources can be more equitably distributed. Most Americans work hard and deserve to be compensated, yet I met rice farmers in Peru and zinc miners in Bolivia that work harder in a day than any of us do in a year--maybe longer--and have virtually nothing to show for their effort. To me, “it just ain't right.” --Jeremiah

Motorcycle behavior

Hello there, hey what a trip i really appreciate your website, is also my dream to do something like that, i guess i takes a lot of courage and $$$. I'm from chile but in live in montreal canada. I'm looking forward to buy a BMW F650GS and i will like to know your feeling and experience about this bike (on and off road). And also i will like to know how (in general words) did you prepare your trip. Congratulations and thanks for the wonderful moments you gave us. --Claudio N

Remember the journey

As a former journeyer myself, I can appriciate the shock you have received returning to Durango. Though I can think of no better place I'd rather be right now, the rampant growth (especially the multi-family houses popping up like weeds in this beautiful mountain desert) sickens me. I moved here in 1991 from a big city in the hopes of escaping this mentality and have made a conscious effeort to maintain my properties in simmilar fashions as they were before the groth explosion (pre-80's) - no permanant changes - no new permanent structures (except my plan to rebuild the old 1880's homestead on my commercial property). We need someone like you on the city council (there are 3 spots opening up) You know, a voice of reason and experience that lacks the Californicator mentality. My vote is for you. Welcome home. Remember the journey. --Erika P

Your journey

Hi Jeremiah, I been looking at your web today,and read about your trip back to your home, hope that everything be ok and you can continue with your travel.I'm still in Punta Arenas, but I have already confirmation taht my next project it will be in Yemen, so some way I think I understand what you mean when you speak about your amazing experience and all those different places and people you meet along this trip. So...wish you the best, and will get always seat for you if you stop by near any BBQ Aguilas del Camino facility!!! A big hug, --Fabio A

Your journey

I grew up south of Ignacio on a farm. I now leave in Richardson, Texas outside Dallas. I read the Durango Herald online almost everyday. I have enjoyed reading your articles and am glad that the Lord has looked over you to keep you safe on your journey. When you get back to Rio to continue you journey I look forward to again reading of your travels. God Bless. --Joe O

Thanks for the journals

A quick note to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your travel journals. I am a keen rider and traveller, and a moderator on the Horizons Unlimited website, so I get to read a lot of good stories, but I had to call my good lady over to read her your summaries of what you learnt from your travels. I think it is very telling that the four main things you decided to write about were not the best scenery or worst problems with officials, but people and how we are the same. we both wish you the best with the rest of your journey through life AND South America. Kind regards --Nigel and Lee M in New Zealand

Trip details

Dear Jeremiah: You have been a good observer, writer, and photographer. You have also avoided giving us trivial trip details. That's rare in the MC journals. My friend and HS buddy, Nick B, who lives in Durango, told me of your journey. I will be visiting him in September, so I will be sorry to miss talking to you. I am planning a similar, but shorter, journey on my 2005 Dakar, and would love to find out more about the mechnical issues you had and some insights into spare parts to take. I agree with your light packing philosophy. I was a climber in earlier days. Since climbing gear, food, and cooking gear weight enough, we had to cut back on clothing to keep our pack weights down. I look forward to future entries. Buena Suerte! --Chip G

What a trip!

Brudda Miah, Just caught up on your latest entries - seems like the trip just keeps getting better. You have always had a way with expessing yourself in words so eloquently - I have really enjoyed reading your entries and am looking forward to the book (there's going to be a book isn't there?). Keeping up with your trip has had me reminiscing on the old days we spent together especially those 2 wonderful months we spent studying biology, climbing, backpacking and exploring Yosemite and the Sierra back in our youthful days of college when everything was so new and exciting - it really stuck in us cause we seem to still seek the excitement of new and different places, faces and events. I'm so glad that you came through here on the first part of your journey - it rekindled a cherished friendship. I've always respected you for your pureness. Thanks amigo -La vida pura, -Jimmy T

An epic adventure

Hi Jeremiah, I am a college student in Boulder, CO, and my family lives in Durango. I just wanted to tell you how incredible and motivating your story is. Travelling is an immence pleasure of mine, but being in school limits my exposure to the world. Your beautiful stories transport me to areas of the globe that for now I can only dream about. Thank you for posting your stories and sharing with the world (or at least the Durango Herald readers) how grand and yet simple everything really is. --Wesley A

Welcome home

Hi traveler. Sorry you had to delay the remainder of your journey but kind of relieved that you are probably now back home. You have really done something remarkable...we are proud of you...and proud to know you Jeremiah. Your last dispatch and observations are very insightful. We ARE all humans, and although different, really similar at our core...from hemisphere to hemisphere, and continent to continent. By your travel, and sharing that adventure with us, you have helped to remind us all of our similarities. Thank you Jeremiah. Hope all is well at home, and hope to see you soon. --Dick S

Just an update

Hi Jeremiah, I guess by now you're home in Colorado with family and friends, and although it was difficult for you to interrupt your journey, I hope all is well. By the way, these latest pictures of the birds were most excellent. I look forward to you reuniting with El Viento for your journey home. Happy Easter! --Rob S


Hello! Great story! I'm a fellow Durangatang who's off this summer to do some volcanological research in the Galapagos Islands. However, I get a week to spend in Quito and the surrounding area. After reading about your trip, I can hardly wait to get there and see it all for myself! But I have to make it through finals first!!! AAHHH Thanks for documenting your journey! --Erika R

Your great trip

Hi, I have been glued to my monitor reading your journal, when I finish today 4/8/06 I realized that your are still posting new stories. Are you still on the road? I also ride, a 2005 Triumph Tiger and a 1989 Honda Transalp, mostly I do tours in Europe and here in the US. In 1996 we did our AmericaTour in which we crossed the country twice in 15 days along with some imported bikes from Europe. This coming December I am riding my Transalp from Portugal to Morocco to follow part of the Dakar rally.I wish you the best. Thanks for making my heart beat faster. --Eusebio P


Once again, I have neglected you. I finally got on the site to catch up on your adventures. Wow, I don't know what to say. Sure is interesting. We'll just have to talk when you get back. I'm glad you're writing as you go. It would take days to tell all these interesting stories. Some would get skipped no doubt. There was a good letter to the editor in the Herald yesterday (4-7) from some guy saying how much he enjoyed following your trip. Obviously not your usual fan club. He suggested you write a book. Una buena idea. You sure get some good "babe" shots without being too obvious. Us hungry single males apreciate it. Your photos are stunning. Each a Nat'l Geo quality shot. I can hear the theme song playing in my mind everytime I view your shots. I sure love you,bro. Go with the wind and bring yourself home safely. --Joel A

The trip of a lifetime

Hi Jeremiah, Just wanted to say hey and hope all is going well on your incredible journey. I'm not much at all a moto-head (a golf nut myself) but from what you posted, sounds like El Viento had quite the makeover. That sprocket pic was quite enlightening, its a wonder it still kept you motoring! Looking forward to your next entry Vaya con Dios, mi amigo! Rob S

Great trip, great site

Fantastic journey Jeremiah! I'm another friend of your cousin Mark. He's kept me up to date with some of your exploits over the last 30 years but this takes the cake. Having solo hiked many, many times in places like Glacier, Grand Teton, San Juan NF and the like, i can identify (a little) with what you're doing (ok, a very little :) I'm glad you've met some great friends along the way. Stay safe and continue to soak it all in buddy! Peace and happy trails. --Dan G


I've been following your travels and trevails; found it through, which I keep track of since my in-laws live in Durango and daughter is going to Ft Lewis. I wish more people were following this. It's an incredible tale; the photographs are amazing; the stories riveting. I can't wait to read more! If nothing else, it's a great guide for those planning (or contemplating) a similar journey, whether it's that extensive or not.Keep safe and watch those potholes! Susan W

This whole odyssey

Well, JSO, this journey tops them all...I now have a crick in my neck from being mesmerized by the latest entries. Am glad you are still alive and ridin' and having the adventure of your life!! Some of the photographs are so stunning I wish I was there, but my ass just wouldn't take it!! I think of you often, and live vicariously, as I know I will never undertake such a journey...ever. My sense of adventure is satisfied with a lessor extreme. We wish you continued safety and splendid weather as you make your way home. Don't have a clue as to when you are expected back in CO, but enjoy the return travels, as yes, they are another adventure unfolding. Blessings to you and your angels will need a vacation soon!!! Love from Seattle. --Elaine C

Happy birthday!

Dear Jeremiah, Well, it may be March 28th GMT, but here in Colorado it's still March 27th, so...Happy Birthday! You have always been a great story teller - I'm glad you are sharing your gift with so many. Here's wishing you an exciting, healthy and happy journey filled with love and laughter - on this trip and always. Take care of yourself! --Robin F

Awesome adventures

Hola, Amigo! The odessy (sp) continues. Sounds like things have mellowed out, at least as the last couple of stories point out. As always, I have to say "what a fantastic adventure", better to live now than later and glad that you have made it possible for so many of us to join in with you. This is what dreams are made of and I wonder how many you have inspired to go live their dreams. Ride on in safety and watch out for those cars. --Wally W

Movie rights

Can't wait for this epic to hit the big screen..and maybe there will even be a Sequel.... Keepyour wits about you and travel safe. --MaryHelene F


Hope this finds you feeling better and still motoring onward. El Viento should be enshrined when you get back home. I can only imagine the exhilaration you felt when you reached Ushaia, must have been the thrill of a lifetime! Good luck in Buenos Aires and getting El Viento in shape for the rest of your journey. Best wishes for a safe and fun trip back! I posted that last email without reading your updates! Wow, what a turn of events! El Viento is about pooped and then you get nailed by a car! Divine Providence is with you, my friend! Hope all is well and darned glad you were able to hook up with some ingenious folks down there that can help you on your way. --Rob S

Reaching your goal

How excited you must be to have reached your southernmost goal! Long time coming and we know you're excited, but there are many more adventures to be had on your return trip. We hope you are feeling up to celebrating this milestone and that you take the time to rest and appreciate what you've accomplished. What a ride we've been on just following your travels! CONGRATULATIONS!! --Peg & Harry H


I've wrote you a couple months ago, when you first started. I am also a long distance traveler, and am slowing covering north america before I travel south. After this summer i will have covered all of north america except for mexico, which is still in the working, and also europe is on the horizon. Someday i would like to make it as far south as you did. I'm on only 26, so i still have plenty of time to slowly cover the world. If you could, after you get back home and take a little break. Write a little about the trip so other people like myself can make preparations for a future trip down south. You know. A general supply list to bring. And what to expect, and some general tips to have a better trip. I don't think you will be comming through oklahoma on your way home, but I just live off I-40 around Henryetta. And you have a place to crash if your in the area. And a couple cold beers, because you definally earned it. Keep the sunny side up. --Steve B


Hey, Miah, Congratulations on reaching your southern most goal. Looks like you recovered from the crud and are back cruising in style. Awesome. Be safe, vaya con Dios, amigo. --Walito W

A dream come true!

Miah... Yeehaw!!!!!!!!! Congratulation on completing your tip to tip trip! What an outstanding accomplishment... you must feel on top of the world. I'm sure what you've shared along the way is only the tip of the iceberg of the adventures you experienced. Thanks for providing a view of an amazing part of the earth on which we live. Kudos to you for following your dream. Safe return. --Tim D

Congratulations and hope you feel better

Say there Miah, Man - I sure hope you're feeling better -that sounds like a nasty bug. My hat's off to you buddy - one heck of a road trip - you've seen some sights and had some unique experiences since you headed North out of Healy - and boy howdy - all the way to Tierra del Fuego - well done my friend! Stay in touch and come on back through anytime. Hey to Ginger. Take Care Brudda Miah. --Jimmy T

A safe return from a successful trip

Sounds like congratulations are in the Mission Accomplished? A friend had sent us the front page of the Durango Herald with the Snowdown Hot Air Balloon rescue on the front page with a byline of your trip update. Stay well, healthy and careful.Don't push your guardian angels to their limit!! - MaryHelene F

Really at Lands End!

Jeremiah you've done it!!!!!!! Congratulations my friend! Your journey has been, PLEASE SURVIVE....dammit. If possible take some time off to recover from your virus. I'm sure you are more than a little run down from the trek, the stress, and the increasing cold and wet. Now is the time to kick back for a few days. I know you want to push on ahead of weather but your major goal has been achieved and getting sicker could put at risk the remainder of your travel. GET BETTER first. Incredible trip. Can you hear the applause all the way from Colorado? Wait a minute I'll clap louder.....Be safe Amigo! --Dick S


I read the entry where you described being sick with the virus, you sounded so negative! I can imagine what it must have been like (well, I try) and how easy it would have been to throw in the towel go back somewhere nice and warm. Well done, congratulations, I look forward to reading about how you got there in the end. --Emiliano M

Way to go!

Congratulations! Good to hear you are feeling better. Be encouraged that the success you have earned is enjoyed by many us out here in cyber-land. I look forward to hearing more of you travels and seeing those pictures. --Paul B

Trip and Health

Miah, Glad to hear you are OK. Sounds like you are pushing it pretty hard..Let us know if we can send you some antibiotics, medicine, narcotics, Big Mac, Rasin Bran.... whatever you need. Hope you are feeling better pretty soon. Let me know. I am in Lima for some annual meetings so I can get whatever you need. Take Care. --Carl S

Speedy Recovery

We are so sorry you're sick and feeling so bad. Please know your friends are pulling for you and hoping you're much better very soon. Hang in there and we hope to find good news from you on your website VERY soon! We think it's fair to say you've been through it all on this trip. Even if you have to end this trip sooner than you've expected, it's already been a trip of a lifetime. The photos continue to be absolutley spectacular! --Peg & Harry H


Where's your shadow in that picture? You are suspiciously placed in front of the irregular pattern of the dark rocks. I think I've seen a very similar postcard. That's a long long long ways to ride atop a motorbike and you don't look so tired. You have photoshop on that laptop, don't you? I'm gonna have send this to the lab and have the boys check it out before I offer official congratulations. Seriously, Congratulations! Now, get home safe. --William H

Good Riding!

JSO, Great to see you're still heading south, Good Luck to the turning point! Sorry we haven't been in touch. We have Sutton Bell now and I scored a 67KW solar job! Anyway, we are enjoying all you have time to write and think of you often! All the Best. --Tod L


My children are fascinated by your adventures. Thank you for the lovely pictures. --Laura B

We're thinking of you

Hey Miah, Just finished checking out some of your more recent dispatches. Truly amazing... the stories and experiences you will come home with. 'Out of category' actually. The boys anxiously await hearing the Durango articles when they come out. Hope all is well. Stay upright man!! Sorry to hear about Allan. As you know, our winter here has been dismal thus far. Hope we can rally. Hang in there Jeremiah. Know we're thinking of you and praying for a continued safe trip. Cheers. --Leo L

Watching from New Jersey

Stumbled upon your site/trip. Watching intently as I hope to do the same in about 3 years time though by different means. I hope maybe after you get back and unwind a bit we can exchange some emails - I have many questions for you... All the best getting through the last leg of your trip. --John U

Following you

Wanted to wish you good traveling as you continue on your journey. I've just now caught up with your trip journal, and it's been amazing to follow you. Make sure that you publish this somewhere! Hope to see you back in Durango one of these days! --Andrea G

Greetings from Eagle, CO

Hey Jeremiah, Just thought I'd say hi again. Glad the trip is going well, I am sure you are savoring every mile. Life is short, you are doing what most people don't have the courage to do, keep up the good work. Days are getting longer here, can't wait for spring. Record snow here in the Vail area 150% of normal. Haven't been on a bike in 2 plus months. Hope to meet you for a beer this summer! --Gari S

Trip of a lifetime

Go Miah Go, we are praying for you.This is a trip of a lifetime. Be blessed and be safe. --Ken M

Santiago, Chile

Thanks for stopping here in Santiago. We truly had a great time while you were here. To everyone out there enjoying the photos and stories, I encourage you to post a message here. Jeremiah wants to hear from YOU. --William H


Glad to see the postings. I thought something might be wrong. Love the pictures and the continuation of the trip. With the new government in Chile, I would consider a visit. It all looks grand and my best to you. --Chan C

Guanajuato, Mexico

I am a student at the Fort in Durango. I was reading the Durango Herald online and came across one of your travel stories. I went to your website and was taking a look around. Well the pics of Guanajuato really hit home! I was a student in Guanajuato last semster. In your pictures you have my favorite bar, many streets I walked every day...and a picture of MY HOUSE! It was incredible! Looks like you had a magnificent trip! I am amazed! Hope all is well back here in DGO! --Erin J


Hola Amigo, Tu eres nuestro Heroe! Las pinturas son magnificas. Las narraciones fueron muy interesantes. Lisa y Yo deseamos que tu continuarias tener mucha suerte en su viaje magnifico. Un Saludo de Lisa y Smitty

You're back!

We were getting worried about you! Emiliano M


Hey there Jeremiah, You certainly do have angels watching over you on this trip! I am fasicinated by your journey and adventures and photos. Thanks for taking the time to write all of your stories! I am glad you are (hopefully)still safe and intact....hang in there! Sarah S

Christmas greetings

Hey Miah, We hope you are well and that you are celebrating this holiday season in the style of your choice. As always we continue to read your journal and enjoy your photos. Even after all you've been through, the smile on your face translates into your writing. We are proud of you and your accomplishments and hope that the rest of the adventure provides challenges you can surmount and continues to thrill you along the way. We're in it for the long haul with you. Stay safe and keep the shiny side up!! --Peg & Harry H

Merry Christmas

Hi Jeremiah, merry Christmas and happy new Year to you. We still enjoy reading about your progress on this fantastic trip. As old fans of Mick, we absolutely loved your Rolling Stones picture.Have a great time and a safe trip home. --Brigitte & Franz M


Wow, what a neat place. I was an honors Geography major and I confess, I'd never heard of the place. Glad to hear that all is going well, I'm headed to Baltimore for the holidays. Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo! (hope I got that right). --Rob S


Hola Jeremiah ! Your Photos keep getting better and Better if that's possible. No, really I am truly enjoying your exquisite photography a virtual travelogue for mysel and all of your many friends I'm sure !!~!!!! Muchas Muchas Gracias ! Again the shots are deffinately "National Geographic" quality I think !!! Be well and keep up the good work ! And Keep on Havin' Fun ! Buenas Suerte' ! --Rick’ardo (wish I was there) L