Beautiful journey

Miah, Great to see your postings again. Like many, I thought we had lost you in the jungle.....or desert. What a journey, as someone said, a book is definitely in order. Still no snow here in Durango, flurries but nothing good. Would rather be riding along side or behind you. Be safe, ride free. --Wally W

Your "mooving" epic!

Jeremiah, thought we had lost you there for a while...hadn't seen any updates for a while. Glad you are well. Yes indeed you do offer very "mooving" accounts of your travels. Fascinating reading your narrative and seeing your many excellent digital images. I had not realized that you were communicating only thru internet wonder you are out of touch at times. But, isn't it amazing that the world is tied together even into such remote areas. We will all be interested in hearing your (sure to follow) lecture on your travels upon your return. Just return safely my friend.

On a local note, I now live 5 miles E. of Pleasant View and have loved the distant views from up here on the Dolores River Rim. I was sure I was seeing Black Mesa just west of Kayenta, but this Winter Solstice sketched the sky line just after sunset, with the distant landform just visible in the dusk, then a few days later drove thru Kayenta and there was my sketch in 3-D. My winter Solstice sunset is right in the gap of Marsh Pass/Tsegi Canyon. I have an awesome view, about 110 miles right across what you and I love so much, the Great Sage Plain, Hovenweep and on into SE Utah. Cannot quite see the Comb or Monument Valley (below the McElmo Dome from my view but have an every afternoon view of the Bears Ears and Salvation Knoll, (Equinox is right between the two), then there's the view of Mesa Verde, LaPlatas, Carrizos, Abajos and top half of the LaSalles...can almost see the red monoliths you have climbed Jeremiah. Why the local imagery....because you are far from them, from home, and maybe your recollection of them will bring a little smile as you see the beauty of your homelands in your minds eye. Beauty is everywhere isn't it?. You are seeing wonderous things...journey safely. Take care my friend.--Dick S

Holiday greetings

Miah: We hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are enjoying following your travels and experiences. It seems just a short time when you pasted through here. The adventure continues... --Tim D


Dear Jeremiah, We looked at your latest postings and pictures and have enjoyed them all. We especially liked the picture of the road washed out as a reason not to ride at night. Wow. Just read where you were headed for Bogota in early December EEEEK! I hope you are receiving this on December 20th. May continued good fortune ride with you. --Randy & Marty R

Checking in

Just checking in to see how you are. It is cold in Durango, Colorado, with not any new snow in the valley from the last storm - just a bit of sleet! I was wondering how the hurricanes had affected your travel. That photo of the road gone was amazing. Keep safe and well. --Barbara E

Our trip, your trip

We were just telling our friends here in Chicago about your trip. Thanks for writing some more. We just got back from Europe. Paul has quite some stories to tell too. It was a great time with Ruedi and others. We are praying for you. may your adventure continue to be unbelievable. --Paul and Donna C


HI MIAH, Lisa continues to very much enjoy your adventure. You are a very entertaining writer and should consider writing a book when this is all over. Happy Thanksgiving! Send a email when you get to Boquete, Panama. --Smiity H

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Jeremiah, I enjoyed your photos and stories keep up the great ride and happy Thanksgiving!See you soon --Gari S


Hola Senor Jeremiah ! Fantastic--It's like kinda living some of your adventures with you. The "wire", the alternate route, Tatiana etc. I love it ! Thanks Jer' and great Natl. Geo. quality pics again. The birds are beautiful and your "watch dog" was cute !~ Buenas Suerte Senor and I am again impressed with your adventurous spirit, your creative approach to adversity and your good-heartedness! Take care Jeremiah. Is bottled water readily available? --Rickardo L

Giving thanks

just a wish for a Happy Thanksgiving (in your journey) Any hope of turkey and stuffing? --Bob & Judy C

Glad it was audio tape!!!!

JSO, Sorry I havn't kept up, sounds like the trip is going well! We'll enjoy anything you have time to put on the net. The pictures are great, can't wait for the slide show. All is good here, Marti has a month and half to go. All the Best. --Tod L

You name it

Hola, Amigo, Apologies for not writing sooner.....if I had known you were going through Guanojuato and San Miquel, I could have put your up in some nice digs with indoor parking for El Viento. Ano old friend from Durango has homes in both towns. Oh well, sounds like you were moving too fast. Thanks to your encouragement, I recently acquired a heated electric vest...being hypothermic twice now was too much....should have it by the end of the is a Widder, which I think is a choice of many BMW riders. I'm seriously considering another ride next year, perhaps a Dakar. As much as I love the power, the handling is tougher. Hey, if you are going to Panama, I have a connection there for you...maybe you are already there or gone again. Anyway, love your pics and stories, ride safe and above all enjoy. --Wallito W


Hey,It appears from your pictures that you are having a blast. But hey whats up. You haven't posted anything since the 20th! What do you think, that you are on a vacation or something?? Ride safe. --Eric S

Trip envy

Hola, Amigo, Great pictures, looks like the trip is going well. I cetainly enjoyed the ride from Dgo to Reserve, in spite of the rain. Learned a lot and had a great time riding with you. After we split up the ride east was spectacular, I thought I was in the Mexican highlands.....wide open road, basically flat and rolling hills, absolutely no traffic for over 100 miles. I had a bad scare though after I violated your number one rule, I passed a gas station knowing that the next village was larger and had several gas stations. NOT! I was riding on empty and 42 miles to Magdelena. Kept a steady hand on the throttle and cranked it down from 80 to an even 55 mph. I literally coasted into Magdelena on fumes and put in exactly the amount Harley said the tank holds. More beautiful miles to Bernalillo, threading the needle between storms. Heading north, past Rio Rancho the black skies let loose, temps dropped, it was very wet, with small hail, on and off to Cuba, cleared for a while and then hit again 50 miles south of Bloomfield. Wet, cold darkness descended and by the time I got home I was hypothermic but dry. After 2 hrs and lots of hot liquid, I quit shaking and fell into bed, stiff muscles relaxing. Great Adventure!! I know what gear I need and have already ordered a throttlerocker. Ride on, Amigo, bien viaje. --Wally W

El Trip'o

Hola Senor & ElViente ! Your pics are worthy of Nat. Geo. ! Reminds e of my April trip t Creel via "Bassaseachi" (1,000 ft. wateralls). I hope you don't run into the real Banditos.....what's your plan if you do ? maybe a pre packaged offering would help? Hope you get to see Evita & Carmen at the Hotel Divisadero & say "Hola" from Ricardo. Buena Suerte Amigo. --Rick L

Good luck

Stumbled upon your website. I ride a ktm 950s and live in Jackson, Wy. Best of luck to you. I am hoping to ride a similar route some day. --Whit G

Nice meeting you in person

Thank you for stopping to let me introduce myself yesterday while you were at the Herald. It was, for me, a bit like getting to meet a celebrity. I hope everything works out with whatever brought you back to Durango. Every time I was riding out on CR 234 these past few weeks I would keep watch for el Viento and a rider in a red coat. It is good to know that all is well and your trip is planned to continue soon. Good luck with your future travels. --Paul B

Your trip

Jeremiah, you don't know me but you've actually met my brother Rob in Fairbanks, Alaska and he sent me the link to your website. I've just started reading it and so far your trip sounds like it has been a lot of fun and filled with many experiences. I can't wait to be able to do a trip like you are on now. I've been in the mil for a little over 4 years and have a little less than 2 years left, then I will have my opportunity to roam about. Good luck on your journey. --Richard M

Alaska, Fairbanks

Hi Jeremiah, I wanted to thank you for posting a picture of my Tiger on your website. I,ve never searched the web and found myself. I am soon to be back in Texas. When and where do you plan to enter Mexico? Ride safe and good luck. --Robert M


Hi Miah, Lisa and I are both enjoying your journal and photos. We are excited to see how wonderful the weather has been. Every photo is magnificent! When the weather is less than perfect take a picture or two and post them. You want to generate a little sympathy for your efforts. Take Care. --Smitty H


Hopefully you are able to see outside the big picture; don't temp the fates fulfilling this destiny. Stay safe and sane. --MaryHelene F

Thanks for the update

I can only imagine how hard it is to find public internet access in foreign locations. I check your trip journal often for new updates and I appreciate each anecdote and photo. But it is your trip so don't forget to enjoy the ride. Journal often, ride safe, and thanks for letting us tag along. --Paul in Durango

South America

Sounds like a great adventure.

I spent a summer car-camping my way from MN to WA to AK and then down to Mexico one year, and have been to many of the countries in Cent. Am. and South Am. that you will be covering. You're going to have a great time.

One story I wanted to pass on to you: I was stuck in the Santiago aiport for two days last year while returning from climbing Aconcagua in Argentina and met up with a U.S. guy who was in a wheelchair with a broken leg and a somewhat mauled arm. He had ridden his cyclefrom CA to Ushuaia (I've been there too...lots to see and do) and was on his way back when he hit a dog in Argentina. Long story short, he was going back to the U.S. to recover, then would return to finish the journey, assuming the family he left his cycle with didn't "dispose" of it. He mentioned that some of the people/families he met in Cent. Am. loved Elvis. Maybe loading up an ipod with Elvis tunes will help to break down the cultural barriers down there.
Good luck and best wishes. --David L

Your trip

My name is Rob. I currently reside in Boise, ID but was raised in Durango. Graduated from Fort Lewis in 1989. A good friend of mine from Durango Jeff M told be about your journey and sent me a link to your web-site. This message is just to wish you luck and safe travels. I ride as well ('01 1150 GS)and am in the planning stages of doing a trip to the Arctic Circle next summer. Anyways, goodluck and if you are through this area and need help or just a hot cup of coffee just throw me an e-mail. safe travels --Rob K


I've been enjoying following your trip. I finally figured out how to use the site effectly. Remember this trip is about you and the road. If you have time to send text great. Don't let the text posting cut into the experiences you are having. I love all the photos and text when you post it. Keep on rollin'. --Joel A


Jeremiah, after reading about your trip in the old weird Herald, I had to check out your site. Those pictures are fantastic, and you are definitely living the dream! Any chance that you might have some room for me in one of those saddlebags? I can cook, clean and tell not very funny jokes. Have fun. --Steve S

Sequel hat

I had cut your address out of the paper long ago but was impelled to look at your site by the article in today's Herald. Have just been through your journey and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the gorgeous sites and reading of your adventures. My husband and I just completed a big loop to Denver, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and back through Utah. I thought we were being adventurous in our Jeep. But your trip sounds wonderful. We'll keep up with you! Glad you are doing this BUT I lost my Sequel ball cap with the river rat flap in the back on a bus in Australia. So I wish you were still in that business!! --Barbara E

Hope you're having a great trip

Yo Miah, Nice photos bruddah! It looks like you are having good weather and a good time - I'm excited for you. I did call the Troopers and the 2 gas stations in Cantwell twice after you left and once just yesterday - they have not seen your dry bag. This fall after the leaves drop I'll be scouring the ditches on the Denali Hwy for it. Just a quick HOWDY HOPE ALL IS WELL ! Vicki says hey and that it was real nice for her getting to know you better. Take Care! --Jimmy T

Ride hard and keep the sunny side up

Just wanted to say have fun. I'm from Oklahoma and am riding up to Denali on my bike for the first time on July 29. I've already been to the lower 48 states. And when i get done with North America i'm heading to south. Peace. --High Plains Drifter


Hello Jeremia ! Well I see you have already had a year's worth adventure---!!!! I'm impressed that you are persavearing ! I hope everything will be going smooth for you now that you'ved pai some dues !!!!! I am enjoying your stories and look forward to reading more of the adventures of Jeremiah. The odysea of a lifetime. Be well stay safe and warm or cool as the climate dictates. "Buenas Suerte" Senor. --Rick’ardo L

Cycle envy 2

Well, I hit the wrong key on the last one. Great pictures and journal. I just got my motorcycle certification and will start looking at bikes next week. (I'm in Honolulu for a National Counties conference right now) and will consider a dualsport bike as you suggest......although I don't know when I'll have time for an extended journey. How comfortable is that BMW? For those long rough miles, it looks a bit cramped. Don't the folks with the yellow 56 live on CR 234? Thanks for sharing your trip with everyone, it is definitely inspiring. Be safe and loop those bungies through the handle/clip on your next drybag. --Wally W

Your trip

Jeremiah, It's really fun following your journey. Marty & I are enjoying your pictures and commentary. Keep the shiny side up! --R&M R

Trip of a lifetime

Drive safely Jeremiah! Just went through all your pictures on the site. National Geographic quality I might add! I'll be following your adventure. Your cousin, Claire in Baltimore.


Hi Jeremiah, The pictures are really good and remind me of our trip to Dawson City in search of the poet Robert Service. The drive along the Yukon river was also special. What sensations are you having on the long days on the bike. What do you think about? --Chan C

What bike are you using?

Hi Jeremiah, How are you. Can you let me know what bike you are using and what gear you are taking and what mods you would consider, ie, long range tank etc.I would like to do a trip like this. Aslo when will you be back in the USA. --Nick C

Adventure of a lifetime

RIDE 'EM COWBOY!!!!!!! Well Maya, you're doing the traveling adventure of a lifetime! I'll be living vicariously through every swamp, pot hole, mosquito infested week! So get on with "our" life! --Jayne C


You are awesome! Thanks for sharing this adventure with those of us who want it, but can't have it. Stay safe. --Debbie S


Good luck. May all the good spirits be with you. --Chan C

Best of luck

Greetings Jeremiah, Mark D just sent me your site info and it looks like a great adventure. Just wanted to say hello and it will be fun to follow your progress as we stay close to home till Sept when we plan to possibly move to the UK for a bit and continue to expand our Juice Plus+ empire. Ride Safe and have fun. --Doug B

The epic adventure

Well Jeremiah, it appears that you are off on another interesting and exciting adventure. How envious we are!! We were wondering how much time you plan to spend in each state and country as you travel? About when do you think you'll be in New Mexico before leaving the country? Maybe we can meet up with you for a couple of hours somewhere along the way. We look forward to reading your journal and seeing your photos, what we've seen so far are great. Keep the dirty side down, the wind at your back and if you smile to much you'll be picking bugs from your teeth! Don Quixote, be careful on your trusty steed going south! Thanks for allowing us to share in your adventure! --Peg & Harry H

Herald story on your trip

I really enjoyed the article in the Herald regarding your trip. It sounds like great fun to me. Thanks for the website allowing some of us to enjoy your adventure vicariously. --Eric B

On the road... yeehaw!

There's a cold cerveza or two waiting for you in Montana! May your travels be safe and filled with adventure... --Tim D


COOL !!!!!!!! I wish I was with you, but I think my red Ninja would have trouble negotiating some of the questionable roads !!! --Karen M

Today's Durango Herald

An article by John Peel appeared in this mornings Durango Herald with the title "Quest of a Lifetime" and I knew right away that it was about a dreamer's adventure. The photo of gear and Dakar further raised my curiosity about this "Quest". After reading the article I explored the website and I am now looking forward to seeing future updates so I may vicariously feed my own dreams for adventure. Take care and good luck! --Paul B

The trip

Jeremiah this is so cool. i wish you the best of luck on your journey, my friend. i wish i was there with you.i will be following your trip closely. i look foward to seeing you when you roll through Denver. Bon Voyage. --Chris N