FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you and what is this website?
My name is Jeremiah Saint Ours and I reside in Durango, Colorado USA, when not traveling.

I publish this website to share my Journey with others--and attempt to
earn enough money to pay for posting it.

I'm a life-long lover of nearly all outdoor pursuits, including backpacking, climbing, river running, scuba diving, paragliding and adventure motorcycling.

This site chronicles my travels, primarily by motorbike, through stories and photographs. I hope you enjoy it.
How do you get the time and money to travel?
Long-range travel takes commitment. It necessitates a willingness to brush aside your to-do list. It requires shelving responsibilities while shouldering others. It means breaking out of your routine comfort zone.

Travel needn't, however, cost a lot of money. I telecommute to work. I also travel on the cheap: I camp; I prepare my own food; I more often bathe in lakes and streams than in fancy hotels.


The adventure begins when the money runs out. --unknown
It’s simply a choice: you can get out with what time you have and economize your expenses--or sit at home and wish you weren’t.
How often do you post new journal entries?
As stated in the Prologue, this website is not a typical blog--where frequency of submission and verbosity of content are considered paramount. Instead, this journal is made up of a collection of short essays whose topics are chosen for their relevance and poignancy. The rest of the drivel I mercifully keep to myself.
It is vain to do with more what can be done with less. --William of Occam (1300-1350 AD)
When I have something worth saying--and time to put pen to paper--I’ll post it. In the meantime, you can subscribe to be notified by email when new Journal posts are uploaded.
Who fixes your motorcycle when it breaks down?
Motorcycles require a lot more maintenance than automobiles. The vast majority of work I do myself with the tools, repair kit and variety of likely-to-need spare parts I carry on my bike. When it gets ugly--and a shop with more extensive tools are required--I borrow or rent space, have parts shipped in, and if necessary seek assistance from local mechanics.
Adventure motorcycle touring--especially when you do your own bike maintenance and repairs--poses a long list of practical and mechanical challenges not found in other forms of travel or outdoor activities. Out here--and alone--perserverance and a can-do attitude are required to solve problems.
How many miles do you ride in a day?
For a lot of people it's all about the distance--point-to-point--how far did you go. Personally, I couldn't care less about how many miles I log--it's about savoring the experiences my travels expose me to. Sometimes, I hole up in one place and just go hiking. Often, I'm taken by the people I meet and spend a few days just hanging out with them. In short--I wander--without regard for how far I've gone, where I'm going or when I'll get there.
Where and when will you offer a Journey So Far presentation?
Thus far I’ve only given a couple of informal talks to local groups here in my home town of Durango, Colorado. This is because I’m hard at work on a much more extensive, multi-media presentation that will give the audience a vivid, first-person account of what it’s like to journey across continents by motorcycle. The presentation will be ready to roll sometime soon. The exact dates, times and places will be posted under NEWS. If your organization would like to sponsor a presentation, please click here.
Story telling in Vina del Mar, Chile.
Where will the Journey head next?
The next long leg of the Journey will return to southeast Asia:




Departure date:
4 November 2013
I enjoy following along; how can I support the Journey?
Please click Join the Adventure and choose from three methods of direct support. Any contribution you make is very helpful and much appreciated. And don't forget to stay in touch. Thank you!


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The great thing about spending money on travel is that you come home richer for it. Urcos, Peru

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