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I’m not seeking charity. I work hard to provide you something of value--a vicarious travel experience, a laugh, maybe even some inspiration--and only look for compensation in fair exchange.
I carry no satellite or cell phone, so connecting to the web is impossible when out in the wilds or in remote villages. In larger towns around the world Internet access is increasingly available, but it isn't free. Your generous donation helps the Journey stay connected. PHOTO: Mae Taeng, Thailand
People have grown accustomed to the Internet being “free.” But it’s not, really. Most websites pay their expenses and even turn a profit by plastering their pages with annoying ads. But I’m guessing you hate those things as much as I do and will vote with your contribution to keep them out.

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You can attend a Journey So Far presentation. This multimedia, story-telling event is not your typical (and torturous) “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” slide show. You’ll experience the world as though riding 2-up on the back of my bike, and hopefully leave the show with a slightly different perspective on your planet’s cohabitants. Where and when these special presentations are offered will be announced under NEWS. Click here if you or your organization would like to sponsor an event, or if you would like to be added to the JSF Presentation notification list.
Often the only fuel available in small villages like Llica, Bolivia comes from a rusty barrel cached in someone's home. By pitching in, you can help the Journey roll on and provide income to entrepreneurs like this nice woman.
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